Starting from scratch

Yesterday was the a typical day in the studio. Assignment: Make an arrangement. Okay, easily said… So I listen. I play. I analyze. I imagine. It is an exciting position to be in. To be able to have so many possibilities within a given framework. So I played my first thoughts. Then, sheet music from the composer. Okay, I’m only slightly off their perception of the song. Time to redirect. I tap out a tempo to match the free played demo. I love my tools to be able to do this. I mark verses, choruses, bridges. (So, I’m not sure this piece has a bridge… we’ll work on that in the arrangement). I create a drum click that gets me in the rhythm of things… I actually went subtle hip hop. Doesn’t make any sense, but it grooves. My daughter came into the room and said, “What is that?” very enthusiastically. Good sign. She said save that drum beat, I want to write a song to it. So, I’ll keep the drum beat for now. It’s all about matching tools to creativity. Who would have ever put a rainstick with a hip hop beat? Fits perfect for now.
So, today…build on yesterday’s work. Eliminate distractions. Search for that music that lies just beyond the reach of the ears. It’s there, just have to reach for it.
On the opposite of the work load, transcribing cello music. Whole different mindset. What did the writer mean when they put 3.5 beats in a 2/4 measure? I try to imagine where they are coming from. Ah, as I search, I realize they are imagining prebeat ornamentation. Unmetered in the measure. A few semicolon clicks (shortcut for turning standard notes into grace notes), a few beaming together with the (okay, I have to admit, 30 some years into this computer world and I still don’t know if / is a forward slash or a backslash… kind of funny. I learned once, but I can’t remember which is which. Is it moving forward or sliding backwards? I cannot keep it straight. So glad I don’t have to name it to use it!) beaming together with the / and I’m good to go. Counts even line up! Sent off to client for proofing… So much fun.