New Year, New Challenge

I know we are already at Ground Hog Day, but it has been an exciting start to a new year in the studio. Sometimes it seems it takes a bit of momentum to get the creative ball rolling, but it is definitely moving forward. Karen and I have a mutual goal of writing 1 minute of music a day. It can come in 1, 3, 7-minute blocks, depending on life. We will post our minutes here at times.
Also, in exciting news, I completed a goal of updating/rebuilding a microphone. I am so pleased with its results. I added a Telefunken tube and an akg c12 diaphragm to my NTK. I love my NTK, and at times have recorded various “mic shoot outs” with it and it always wins. But, I had read so many great reviews of this combo that I had to give it a try. I finally had a spare moment so I took it apart and made the changes. I have a recording I did of Kristina at Christmas time. I had her rerecord the same line with the new changes. WOW. I will post those files here tomorrow as a continuation of this post. Until that time, ciao!