The sweet rewards!

Always fun when a client (and in this case an all around good guy) drops by his finished project! I encourage everyone to check it out. Find this album and others by Eric and his group “New Folk Revival” here

Mic Modification Comparison files

Here is an example from December with the NTK mic with Telefunken tube and stock capsule… Here is an example from February with NTK mic with modded capsule (rk12)

New Year, New Challenge

I know we are already at Ground Hog Day, but it has been an exciting start to a new year in the studio. Sometimes it seems it takes a bit of momentum to get the creative ball rolling, but it is definitely moving forward. Karen and I have a mutual goal of writing 1 minute […]

Starting from scratch

Yesterday was the a typical day in the studio. Assignment: Make an arrangement. Okay, easily said… So I listen. I play. I analyze. I imagine. It is an exciting position to be in. To be able to have so many possibilities within a given framework. So I played my first thoughts. Then, sheet music from […]

In the studio…

I love being in the studio.  I realize there is so much artists do not realize that is possible.  I thought I’d take a few moments and relate scenarios for you. Today, was guitar vocal.  Choices…  Do you record guitar, then vocal?  Guitar and vocal simultaneously? So many possibilities.  Advantages to guitar vocal at the […]