Recording Techniques Boot Camp

Are you an aspiring guitar/vocalist?

Do you want to record your own music with the best quality and technique possible?

Do you want to learn how to produce distributable quality recordings?

This boot camp is for you.

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4 week


Recording Techniques Boot Camp

Boot camp in recording techniques for recording acoustic guitar/vocal.

Bring your guitar, your voice, your laptop, a notebook and come and learn.

Quick Facts:

Starts Thursday, June 1

4 weeks

6:30-8:00 pm

Only $100!

Go from an idea to iTunes in 4 weeks!

You’ll Learn…

Original vs Cover

Mechanical Licensing vs Copyright

Recording Guitar Technique

Microphones, what’s the difference?

Small diaphragm cardioid

Large diaphragm cardioid

Figure Eight

Mid Side


Guitar and Preamp

What do different guitars sound like?

What do different preamps sound like?

Clean vs Colored

Recording Vocal Technique

Large Diaphragm

Comb Filtering

3 to 1 rule

Mid Side

Recording approaches

Guitar Voice

Guitar, then voice

Voice, then guitar


Guitar Vocal Balance

Pitch Correction



Other Plug-in concepts


How loud is too loud?

Am I muffled?

What should it sound like?


Digital Distribution

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Bring your own laptops with your own software.

Files will be shared for your own experimenting.

Everyone records at least 1 song

(cover or original)

We use everybody to apply the concepts and techniques listed above.

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Presented by:

Recording for

Mel Bay

Utah Festival Opera

National Public Radio

Utah Public Radio

Regional & Local musicians

since 1983.

Recording is an art.
Let us help you express yourself.